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  • Product Name : crystal white marble A grade
    Size : crystal white marble A grade
    Country of Origin : china
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  • 1. Crystal White marble is a stunning oriental marble tile in a consistent white colour.    Crystal white marble tiles are supplied in a highly polished glass like surface. A clean, clinical stone which will make a bold statement in any contemporary interior space.


    2.  Detailed Product Description

    Name: Crystal  White Marble class A
    Premium and unique quality, fine grain, compact,buyers are welcome to visit our quarry.

    3. Specifications

    Crystal White Marble slab 
    100% natural  
    Color:  white.

    4. size can be 275x150 x 1.8cm


    5.  Surface Finishing: polished
    Stone Form:  slab

    Stone Name:  crystal white marble
    Place of Origin: china
    Color: snow White, pearl white
    Specific Weight: 2.7 gm/cm3 (average)

    Absorbbent Coffefient (%):  0.15

    Compressive Strenghth: (N/nm2): 43.6

    Whiteness: 94%

    Gravity: (g/cm3): 2.70

    Pososity: 0.36

    Knoop hardness: 1.75 MPa (Mohs) 3.5


    Chemical compositions:


    CAO    :  52.36

    MGO   :  4.44

    Fe2o3 : 0.09

    LOI (loss of Ignition) : 41.76

    Sio2 : 0.73